Graphs are data structures highly useful to understand and represent many real world problems in all kinds of areas such as business, government, and science. To take advantage of graph databases we don’t need to take a Masters on Graph Theory. Instead of that, we must understand what a graph is, and be able to build one drawing it on a paper.

Hello! Check my sample application using PlayFramework and Spring Data Neo4j. This is just a skeleton app, that also features: Neo4j Graph Database Scala and Java integration CDI (javax.inject) Spring Spring Data Spring Data Neo4j Sources: See it live here:

It’s very easy to get Neo4j running on RedHat’s OpenShift Cloud Platform. Note that at the time of writing this, there is no Neo4j cartridge available at OpenShift. If you are familiar with Heroku, think that a cartridge is like a Heroku Add-on. It plugs functionality into the PaaS environment. So, how we can use […]

Hello! In this post I will be covering all main details regarding the development of my entry for the Neo4j Challenge. The main objective of this challenge is to create a Heroku-ready template or demo application using Neo4j. So, I thought to myself: – what kind of application would be nice to show up in […]