Hohoho! Christmas is comming very early this year! Yesterday the final results for the MySQL and GlassFish Sun Student Reviews Contest were published! And guess who is the grand prize winner for the general students category? Yes! It’s me!! This is very cool.Thank to all and congratulations to all others entries! Below the winners list: […]

IBM launched today a funny hotsite to market the Rational Team Concert family of products built on the Jazz Technology Platform. Jazz is a scalable, extensible team collaboration platform for seamlessly integrating tasks across the software lifecycle. The name Jazz refer to playing an instrument in a band is much like developing software in a […]

These days I was looking an alternative solution to JBoss Seam, to provide conversation scope to my JavaServer Faces backing beans, and I wanted that this new solution be easily integrated with Spring Framework and others frameworks used in the application, like JBoss RichFaces, Facelets, Hibernate. So I’ve found the MyFaces Orchestra project through this […]